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In that time he employed me in both London and New York, invested in my business ideas and ultimately fired me. So you would have thought that when the BBC made its current three-part documentary on him, it might have come to me for my views.

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But analysis of the latest figures from the Home Office shows the problem is more evenly spread between the sexes in the early stages of a young relationship So why are men in this age at such risk?

Talk radio - is social media normalising choking?

wahts All journalists should be thankful Murdoch invested here. The response from the Radio 1 audience appears to fit the stats, too: "She knocked me to the ground and then started punching, kicking and biting me.

He would never talk to us about it but wxnts knew she had a violent temper. Our journalism started with a piece on Radio 1 from our special reporter Jim Reed.

Wives wants real sex McKenzie

I have never seen aex so strained or so uncommunicative. Also there was Liz Murdoch, eldest daughter of marriage two. She has adopted a much lower profile since being cleared of hacking charges at the Old Bailey.

Wives wants real sex McKenzie

Wivss at the shark. All you did was go by car to Durham. I was hacked seven times, and Milly Dowler went to school literally yards from where I live. He has kept literally thousands in work for decades.

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Reporting the crime carries risks too. The family empathy gene is in short supply.

Enough said. But nobody can seriously believe Murdoch knew of the criminality at the News of the World. He was warm and supportive. There are two reasons why McKenzir will never be another Murdoch in the media.

Wives wants real sex McKenzie

Some men clearly feel that telling police can lead to the finger of blame being pointed at them. Despite his age, and despite concerns over his health, he took a 6,mile plane trip from his home in a Beverly Hills vineyard to his Cotswolds mansion, where he is spending the summer with sed wife, Jerry Hall.

Is mackenzie going to stick by ryan’s side?

Agree it would have been a little difficult at the reception. Police at a family's doorstep; a rfal inside, tearful, bloodied and bruised; the officers were called because she was being attacked by her partner - now she won't, or can't, take the matter further and press charges. Literally 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Instead of being jailed for fraud, he became, as you would expect, a Guardian columnist and a media professor at City University.

See a problem?

A tough introduction. Being of the diplomatic kind, Liz oohed and aahed as Wendi showed her the hugely expensive diamond and emerald bracelet Rupert had bought her.

So you would have thought that when the BBC made its current three-part documentary on him, it might have come to me for my views. There was a prenup and a postnup and she still cleaned up.

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The official definition of partner abuse includes non-physical forms like emotional bullying as well as physical force. I was once in his Aspen home where there was a photo of Murdoch holding a shark-like fish. MdKenzie should judge him by his enemies. It's not a subject that's much talked about.

On Newsbeatwe're changing that. You are an old man. The marriage to Wendi was a mistake.

Wives wants real sex McKenzie

But what if the victim in such a case was a man - a young man? It was a con to attract readers and he sanctioned it appearing in the paper. As has been well documented, the marriage collapsed amid reports of their incompatibility and, for added spice, earnestly and plausibly denied rumours that Wendi had been having an affair with Tony Blair.

Eat your heart out, Dominic Cummings. Good gag. Had he known, I can assure you that he would have taken draconian action. Even in his 90th ral, Murdoch is doing precisely what he wants.

Wives wants real sex McKenzie