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Devet moči Tremarisa (The Chanters of Tremaris, #3) Kate Constable

Devet moči Tremarisa (The Chanters of Tremaris, #3)

Kate Constable

Published 2005
291 pages
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 About the Book 

Ive enjoyed reading this series a lot. I loved the first book. The second I really liked but not as much as the first and then this book for the most part was up to par with the first one. I liked most of the book. Especially the way the relationship between Calwyn and Darrow ended up. However, there are a few things in this book that I felt didnt work so well. There is one part in the book where it suddenly goes sort of sci-fi and it was a bit weird. It felt like I was reading an episode of Stargate or something. It was very jarring to have my fantasy novel turn sci-fi on me. It was a little confusing as well at one point why exactly the main character got caught up in Samis madness and kissed him. Im attributing it to something like Stockholm syndrome, although the way its written its confusing. It would have been nice also if we had gotten more of an explanation of how Samis came to know the things he knew. He seemed to know everything, and that was not only annoying but unbelievable. A lot about him was never really explained. Also the character Keela was pretty much useless to the plot and really didnt have to be in the books. I also thought that the fact that they didnt know what writing was was silly. Its just hard to believe that a world with all the discoveries that this one had would not have had a way to write or record events, or communicate other than talking to each other directly or through the mind as one race did. At first I thought it was just the chantments that were written in special characters or something that were lost, but when I realized that it was all written things that were lost it was just absurd and unbelievable. And how would Samis have known what the etchings were and how to read them? All of that being said it is still a very good series that I found I couldnt put down and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy. I rate books based on how much I enjoy them so despite my criticisms it was still worthy of 4 stars.