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Covert Generation RPG Caz Granberg

Covert Generation RPG

Caz Granberg

Published 2006
110 pages
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 About the Book 

Revolution Everyone!Fight The X!Join the Generation!The Covert Generation wages a secret war.Their weapons are shenanigans, hacks and protests. They are all that stands between the tyranny and corruption of The X and an unsuspecting world.Covert Generation is a roleplaying game of young secret agents set to take on, take down, and shut down the machinations of The X, those once angst-filled slackers who soon joined the corporate machines and sold out their world and their values along the way. The Covert Generation have very simple goals: spread the truth and set the world right again.Agents are young, some arent even teenagers, but theyre smart, savvy, and tough. They operate out of Cells, local groups of dedicated Agents, but those Cells are connected and know how to act as a team.