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Bible Black: Sex and Magic Tina Bell

Bible Black: Sex and Magic

Tina Bell

Published 2014
310 pages
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 About the Book 

Full length novel inspired by the internationally famous erotic (hentai) video game and animated (anime) series, Bible Black, La Noche de Walpurgis.INTROTwelve years ago in a secret underground room on campus, debaucherous orgies and twisted magic rituals took place. A coven of young women sought to bind themselves to unholy demons and gain fantastic powers. But the illicit room was sealed off after a bloody human sacrifice was performed, along with the sudden and bloody demise of several students. What could have happened that fateful night? As the thirteenth anniversary of this horrific event draws near, a pagan night of key arcane significance, someone is plotting another ceremony of the deepest black magic.Is it the exotic goddess, famous student council president, Rina Sakura? The hauntingly beautiful Kim Blackroot, a mysterious student obsessed with the occult and who may be a very real witch? Cute and seemingly innocent Imari looking for a way to make the man of her dreams feel the same way she does? The voluptuous art professor Miss Hiroko Takahashi with a hidden past? Or the sexy and naughty campus doctor, Miss Karen Futanaris?Tai is a mild-mannered guy who’s never thought twice about magic. But then he finds the mysterious Bible Black, an ancient book of spells passed along from one famous personage to the next. Authored by the original, legendary demoness of mischief and lust, it’s the same text used in the scandalous rituals all those years ago. Tai can gain the power to control others and get any girl he wants, any way he wants. If he’s willing to take the risks, make the sacrifices, great power will become his. He can give a girl uncontrollable lust, shape their bodies to his most perverted imagination, and bend their will to his every dark desire. And his experimental foray into the arcane leads to very erotic results.But things become complicated when Tai’s actions soon ensnare his best friends, and lead to increasingly unsettling consequences, creating an attack of conscience. It’s a journey that will take Tai to erotic heights and gruesome depths. Morality versus desire, responsibility versus power, control versus lust. Will he be tempted by the dark path of debauchery and follow in the footsteps of the past? Will he save his friends, or will they become victims of the villain’s terrible plot? Will he use his power to stop the upcoming sacrifice and the villain behind it? Or, will he carve an entirely new path for himself?It’s a tale that will disturb and arouse with so many erotic scenes you’ll be begging to take up black magic yourself.Bible Black: Sex and MagicChapters1 - Black Magic School (free to read at http://tinabellauthor.wordpress.com or download on Amazon)2 - Black Dreams3 - Black Lust4 - Black Contracts5 - Black Revenge6 - Black Descent7 - Black Desperation8 - Black CeremonyGenres: Erotica, Hentai, Horror, Supernatural and occult, Magic, School, Drama, Mind Control, Body Transformation (change)Other Genre Elements: Love and Romance, Futanari (dick girls), Lesbian, Mind Control, Sexy Nurse/doctor, Anal, Fetish, S&M, Group, Bukkake (facial), Double PenetrationMind-blowing amounts of hot sex in this book. - AnonymousTwisted, sexy fun. I was definitely exploring new ground and pushing my horizons when I read this. And Im thankful I did. - AnonymousOMFG. Makes me wish magic was real! lol - Anonymous