More About us

The Beginning


Camillo Bussinello establishes the company D.I.P.P. and starts the business of sales of fuels in Verona.

A new Chapter


D.I.P.P. is transformed in BPP S.p.A.: increase of volume of revenues and expansion of the area of influence through the North- East. A.Bussinello succeeds his father and starts a process of development and modernization of the Company.

New Markets


BPP accesses to international market. Through the acquisition of agreements signed with DCT and DECAL of Porto Marghera (Venice), the Company is able to import and export petroleum products in every part of the world.

new agreements


The Company enters into an agreement with Sistema Logistico Genova-Milano, that allows BPP to supply from the sea also the Lombardy.

expanding business


The Company build a biodiesel refinery abroad and dedicates the import and export of petroleum products and biofuels above all the Mediterranean.

Improving growth


BPP intends to pursue a reorganization aimed at simplifying the business model, in order to achieve an additional international growth and an improvement of the competitiveness with major industry players.


Increasing the quality and innovation of products and services offered to the customers, along with consolidating and developing its position in the market.

Human resources which are constantly being enriched thanks to the company’s long-term vision and commitment to research and development in technical know-how and management skills.


Improving efficiency and quality of services;


Fostering development and effective distribution;


Ensuring quality, integrity and availability of products;


Investing resources consistent with sustainable development.

BPP is committed to promoting clean and renewable energy solutions



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