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BPP is an international petroleum trading company established in Verona in 1952. It specializes in import and distribution of petroleum products in Italy and abroad estimated at one million tons per year.

It operates in the supply of petroleum distillates and trade of biofuels through the logistic terminals located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea.

In recent years, BPP has built trusted relationships with refineries and suppliers to develop and improve its practices, making it one of the best companies in the industry. BPP knows to be a reliable and competitive business partner.

The company is long established and remains open and dynamic. BPP experience and expertise is your guarantee for future success.


My formula for success?

Rise early. Work late. Strike oil.

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  • Trading

    The company plans to expand beyond the mediterranean area. Its team of traders is constantly searching for new markets and new opportunities to sell petroleum products and biofuels.

  • Shipping

    BPP has important shipping activities, due to its presence in many depots throughout the Mediterranean.

  • Product

    Gasoil ULSD 10ppm
    Gasoline Prem UNL 10ppm
    Gasoil 0,1%
    FUEL OIL 1%
    Fuel Oil 3,5%


Through the acquisition of logistics agreements entered into with the terminals of Decal (Marghera), Pir (Ravenna), Oiltanking (Malta) and using the depot in Porto Romano (Albania), BPP is able to import and export petroleum products in all parts of the world



More than 1,5 million tons of oil products


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